Necessary Manufacturing

Presswork Specialists

Outstanding Service and Outstanding Prices

For over 25 years Necessary have been providing our customers with on time components at great prices, that’s why we have grown with our customers into the successful business we are today.

We work with you to ensure your parts are ready when you need them – a hassle free and no-nonsense service proposition that keeps you supplied with the parts you need when you need them.

Laser Cutting Spend Going Up?

Have you considered Pressed components instead, at a fraction of the cost?

Necessary Manufacturing Limited are press workers – let us quote for pressed parts as a cheaper option to laser cutting. Often businesses will start off buying new components as a laser cutting and for low volume requirements this can be cost effective.

But as soon as your batch sizes increase you should look at more cost effective ways to produce and that is where we come in!

Just send us a drawing of the components you require with your annual volume and required batch size and we can quickly let you know if there are savings to be made. We can work with you to overcome tooling costs and get you up and running with a long term cost effective supply solution.

Exceptional Service, Great Price!

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